For fogs sake!

Light beams along the trail in the Del Norte Redwoods

Lush ferns line the trail in the Del Norte Redwoods

I’ve been lucky enough to make two trips to the magical Redwood Forest this year. I know I say every place I go to is my favorite place, but the Redwoods really, really, really are. If I could pitch a tent and live someplace forever, I’m pretty sure it would be the Redwoods. Maybe not forever, forever. I am a bit of a comfort kitten and bathing tends to become important after about 24 hours. 48 max. So… If I could pitch a tent anywhere for 48 hours, it would be in the shadows of the incredible California Redwoods. 

Foggy Redwood Forest

Foggy Redwood Forest

My first trip visiting this wonderful forest this year was with my main squeeze, Nick. We spent most of our time in the Prairie Creek Redwoods hiking through the beautiful trails and hunting just the right light. We were able to find some incredible spots with trees glowing their perfect auburn color. As is our usual shooting style, we probably walked a total of 1.5 miles and took about 500 photos each (possibly a slight exaggeration). The nooks and crannies, curves, textures and colors around us were awe inspiring. 

My second trip visiting these friendly giants this year was with several of my wonderful photographer friends. We spent Memorial Day weekend shooting along Damnation Creek trail in the Del Norte Redwood area hunting rhododendron bushes that were sadly not yet in bloom. We were, however, blessed with more fog than you can shake a stick at. And we got very lucky with some sweet light that sent all of us into orbit running along the trail and waiting and running and waiting and running. At times, I’m convinced photography actually is a cardio activity. Luckily it’s infrequent. 

There is such amazement and wonder being surrounded by trees that are so much larger than life (literally) and are somewhere in the vicinity of about 1,500 years old. Just imagine the things they’d tell you if they could talk. I bet they’ve seen a fair bit of interesting history in their day. This sure isn’t your typical walk in a park. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am there and have to remind myself to take a deep breath and just soak it all in. I found myself stopping on the trail a couple of times just to remember that moment in time. Luckily the photographs that I’ve taken are my true happy memories and help me relive those instances when I look at them.

Magical path along the Damnation Trail in the Del Norte Redwoods

I'm falling in love with some very large trees

Handsome Nick in Prairie Creek

Foggy Redwood Forest